• Top 100 survey and design institute in China
  • Among the earliest to be certified with Comprehensive Grade A Survey & Design qualification
  • Sole consultancy providing survey and design service for Three Georges Project
  • Technical Support for Chinese Government in Yangtze River management

About Cispdr

    Changjiang Institute of Survey, Planning, Design and Research (CISPDR), affiliated to the Changjiang (Yangtze River) Water Resources Commission, Ministry of Water Resources, is a state-owned technology-based firm, rendering its services covering survey, planning, design, scientific research, consultancy, construction supervision and EPC. Ranked among the TOP 100 survey & design institutions. CISPDR is a state high-tech firm, with high class qualifications, such as Integrated Class-A Qualification of Engineering Design and Integrated Class-A Qualification of Engineering Survey, as well as qualification for contracting aboard.

    With a complete quality management system, CISPDR remains committed to provide high-quality products, advanced technology and sincerity service by scientific management and continuous improvement, in a way that exceeds the needs of customers.

    Over sixty years, CISPDR has prepared master plans for large rivers and lakes, and has performed survey and design for hundreds of projects in 45 countries and regions, represented by the Master Plan of the Yangtze River Basin, , Three Gorges Project and the Middle Route of South-to-North Water Transfer Project,. Our service has further extended to EPC, construction supervision, water information, engineering rehabilitation, power transmission & distribution, energy, cities & transportation, architecture, environment, etc.

    CISPDR possesses 330 national patents and has been awarded more than 400 national awards and has been successively granted international awards from FIDIC, ICOLD and other world-renowned organizations in the past several years, including
- 2 National Science and Technology Advance Special Award, 8 National Prize For Progress in Science and Technology;
- 1 National Technical Invention;
- 7 National Gold Medals For Excellent Survey and Design;
- 5 employees were awarded the title of National Model Workers;
- 10 employees were awarded the National Labor Metal.

    CISPDR was conferred the national excellent water resources enterprise and AAA+ credit class.