CISPDR holds the Class-A license for EPC of water resources and hydropower projects, is equipped with all the specialties involved in construction and a big technical force with strong technical power, has established sound and perfect management system with rich experience, owns numerous kinds of construction equipment, has good financing capacity and extensive partners, and is capable of undertaking construction projects in a wide range such as water resources and hydropower projects, municipal and traffic projects, architectural projects, and geological hazard control projects. It enjoys significant advantages especially on foundation treatment and construction such as large-diameter (below ф2,500 mm) bored pile, dynamic compaction, vibroflotation compacting, and backfill and replacement, foundation treatment for hydraulic structures (including high pressure shotcreting, foundation grouting, curtain grouting, consolidation grouting and chemical grouting), construction of hydraulic tunnel, municipal works, highway and bridge, earth-rock works,  concrete works and control network for project construction, and so on.

  Through 20 years’ continued development, CISPDR has completed more than 100 various construction projects such as the Yangtze River embankment works, Jiangxiong Reservoir risk treatment and reinforcement works in Tibet, seawall construction project in Wuheshan, Zhejiang, and Taicang Port Area hydraulic fill project in Suzhou, Jiangsu. Especially after the deluge in 1998, CISPDR has fully participated in construction of major concealed embankment works along the Yangtze River, with more than 260,000 m2 of plastic concrete diaphragm wall, cement-soil diaphragm wall and engineering wall constructed with steel sheet inserting and driving method, grooving method, hydraulic grab method, hydraulic jet method, percussive reverse circulation method, high-pressure rotary-spray method and deep mixing method, and 26,100 running meters of curtain grouting, consolidation grouting, foundation grouting and chemical grouting completed. Performance of CISPDR in all these project, represented by the emergency works for the geohazard prevention and control project at Danjiangkou Reservoir Area under phase I project of Middle Route of South-to-North Water Transfer Project, and Jitoushan Park landslide control project at Qingshan District of Wuhan City, fully meet the requirement of Clients.

  The ongoing Wudongde Jinpingzi landslide control project includes the cavern excavation works, steel arch and anchor bolt support, shotcrete with wire mesh, drainage hole construction and reinforced concrete lining. The construction effect is in line with the geological forecast and has set a new milestone for landslide study and control at Jinpingzi.