CISPDR’s Employees attending 5th Batch of Training Course in US Return Home

  Recently, the 5th batch of trainees sent by CISPDR to the US for attendance of the International Construction Project Management Training Course returned home safely On December 23 after the training finished up.

  This training course  at Nicholas School of the Environment, Duke University, US began on September 26, 2016 and came to an end on December 2. During the 10 weeks on campus, the trainees attended lessons about Corporate Internal and External Innovation Strategy, Corporate Sustainable Development Strategy, International Market Development, etc., which were designed to cultivate their analysis and organization abilities and improve their creativity as well. After completing the on-campus lessons, the trainees were organized to take part in extracurricular practice and visit various known enterprises including ABB, IBM, Cherokee, the US Environmental Protection Agency in North Carolina, local solar power plants and the Research Triangle Park, etc.

  Looking back on CISPDR’s development in the past few decades, it is noticed that there has been a growing tendency in the implementation of the overseas projects and the services provided to a blend of global reach. Therefore, CISPDR is in great need of both strong technical and language competence to meet the needs of our clients. Since 2006, CISPDR has sent 5 batches of employees - more than 120 people in total, to the US for training, which is beneficial to broaden our employees’ horizons, enhance their project management skills and promote our brand image. In the end, these trainees are expected of giving full play to their talents in the actual work and putting their knowledge into practice for better contributions to CISPDR’s future growth!