CISPDR Holds Flood Control Trainings Towards Lancang-Mekong Officials

From November 23rd to December 2nd, 2018, training sessions on flood control under Lancang-Mekong Water Resource Cooperation Program were successfully held by CISPDR with full support from Changjiang Water Resources Commission (CWRC), towards 29 water officials and technical experts from Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam and Bangladesh.


8 water resources experts were invited to make speeches or presentations on strategies, planning and mitigation technologies of floods in China, flood mitigation planning and measures in Yangtze River Basin, flood data acquisition and forecasting system in Yangtze River Basin, experience sharing on flood mitigation practice and technologies, etc. The experts are from Ministry of Water Resources of China, Hubei Provincial Flood Control Office as well as CWRC.


Site visits were organized at Lushui Hydraulic Complex, Three Gorges Project and Water Ecology Rehabilitation Center so as to provide participants a more direct impression of practical cases of flood mitigation in China. Technical discussions were also held between participants and technical experts from CWRC for exchanges on application of flood mitigation technologies in Lancang-Mekong Countries and existing problems.