CISPDR Tops Its Domestic Counterparts in Leading National Key R & D Programs

The Ministry of Science and Technology of China (MOST) announced by the end of year 2018 the list of National Key R & D Programs for 2018, among which CISPDR will lead in 2 new programs, indicating CISPDR’s leading position ahead of its counterparts regarding the number and size of programs it led or participated in the 13th 5-year-plan.

Up to now, CISPDR has served as leading institute for 8 National key R & D Programs, participating in other 22, awarded contracts with a total amount of 230 million CNY.

Application and implementation of the programs will greatly boost the innovation and R&D potential of CISPDR, enhance its influence in the industry, and help in shaping of innovation trend in the country. A staff of around 1,000 technical professionals participated in such programs. Such participation will be a catalyst for building up a top innovative team and an inter-discipline and high-end talent pool, accelerating the becoming of a research-oriented institute.