Dr. NIU Xinqiang Met with Students from Tsinghua University

On January 21st, Dr. NIU Xinqiang, the President of CISPDR, met with a delegation consisting of 28 university students from Tsinghua University who came for social practice programs. Optimization of water resources utilization is a dominant theme in the future and water is a strategic resource for rejuvenation of Chinese civilization and realization of the “Two Centenary Goals”, said Dr. NIU. Lakes and rivers are all alive. The responsibility of water resource engineers, he said, is to be future-oriented and to transfer the initiatives of Ecological Rehabilitation or Protection of Yangtze River into actions, to expand their vision from Yangtze River to the whole country, to practice the new guidelines for water resource regulation, such as “improving the water resources projects in undeveloped regions; enhancing regulation in water industry”. Professional capabilities in water informatics, urban water infrastructure and 3D collaborative design should be also improved.

Dr. NIU encouraged the students to improve themselves into multi-disciplinary talent, welcomed the delegation to join CISPDR in the future after graduation to contribute their talent and wisdom to the great course of water resources.