With a large experts team and advantageous technologies for the integrated development and planning of water energy, CISPDR is specialized in master planning of water resources of different river basins, flood control, drainage control, power generation, irrigation, trans-basin water diversion, river training, navigation and other water-related disciplines

  Over 50 master plans,  project planning, proposal, feasibility study and specific research programs have been performed successfully by CISPDR for large rivers including international rivers in the south-west of China, Yangtze River basin, all rivers in southeast China,  main stream of Jinsha River, mainstream of Han River, etc.

  Master Plan of Yangtze River Basin prepared by CISPDR is now serving as the guideline and a legal document for government’s developing and managing the Yangtze River. Follow-up Plan of Three Gorges Project is a long-term blueprint guideline for prosperity and development of reservoir area of Three Gorges Project in the next 10 years.