Test & Detection

  CISPDR has long been engaged in testing and inspection of geotechnical works and engineering quality. It provides technical services and consultancy such as testing and inspection of geotechnical, rock and geo-synthetic materials, engineering surveying and monitoring, testing of subgrade and foundation works, and quality and risks testing and detection for water resources and hydropower projects, during project construction with its outstanding talent team and advanced equipment. It has undertaken geotechnical tests and engineering testing for a number of major projects such as Three Gorges Project, Middle Route of South-to-North Water Transfer Project, Gezhouba Hydropower Project, Shuibuya Hydropower Project, Geheyan Hydropower Project, Yangtze River embankment, Dongting Lake harnessing, Wuhan Urban subway, etc. Its footprints with this regards spred overseas with a great deal of projects successfully performed in Singapore, Pakistan, Sudan, Nicaragua, Myanmar and Democratic Republic of Congo. With rich experience and technical strength, various kinds of testing apparatuses and devices, and experts in full range of specialties, CISPDR has led or participated in a number of national scientific and technological research programs, among which were those under national “863” plan, national scientific and technological innovation fund program and many of provincial / ministerial scientific researches, and won the national / provincial / ministerial science and technology progress awards for many times.  

  At present, the apparatuses owned by CISPDR include the ultrasonic fault concrete imaging detector, EH-4 magnetotelluric system and 4D ultra HD full intelligence borehole color system.